PLEASE NOTE:  The testimonials are real, but due to the ever-changing policies of Google and Craigslist regarding 3rd party posters (many times with NO notice), they have to remain anonymous here.  Just ask if you want to connect with any of them personally.

“We had separate systems for inventory control and advertising for used cars.  He consolidated both on our Craigslist account page.  It was a simple, but elegant, solution.  We always know when he’s updated the ads, because that’s when the phones start ringing.”
- Car Dealer

“I was spending a small fortune on Google clicks, but he started us using Craigslist. I stopped paying money to Google, and now use only Craigslist.  It’s free.”
- Financial Services/Loan Lender

“I think he knows more about Google, than Google does.”  (NOTE:  Not true, but still a very nice thing to say.)
- Family Law Attorney

“I was getting a ton of pay-per-clicks through to my website, but no real results.  I didn’t realize that 62% of my web hits were from mobile devices.  He found that and we fixed that problem immediately.”
-   General Contractor, Home Improvement