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adwords_logoI write, produce and MAINTAIN your Google AdWords and Craigslist advertising and I may be the BEST at what I do.

That’s not an idle boast — I handle HUNDREDS of ads daily, and here’s the part YOU’RE interested in: I MAKE THE PHONE RING.

Yes, I also do SEO — I took one client from being brand new in the marketplace, and got him to #2 in the Google organic searches within a month! (I do NOT utilize “black hat” methods, and your mileage may/probably will vary.)

And with PPC (Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo), I can save you a fortune by utilizing some of my COMPLETELY LEGAL tricks.craigslist-logo

Plus, many/most companies overlook Craigslist ads, but they’re FREE (for most categories) and can be VERY effective (and you’ll never beat that ROI!).

youtube 128Everyone knows that Google is the #1 search engine, but not everybody knows that the #2 search engine is YouTube!  (Uploading a video to YouTube is also free, and I can certainly help you with that.)

Right now, one of my clients — a computer software company (Yes, I’m the guy the COMPUTER GEEKS turn to) is being bought out by a much larger company, and I’m not going on that ride.

The “new” company already has people who do what I do, and I’m fine with that.  I’m guessing I’ll hear from them again in a month or two.


I don’t do wglobeebsites, coding, etc.  Those people are already out there and very available.  If you need changes to your website, I can recommend people, but that ain’t me.  I don’t do web design, I do MARKETING


If your Google AdWords account has been SUSPENDED, I don’t do that either.  There are companies out there who claim that they can get your account unsuspended, and if I could promise that, I’d be the next mega-billionaire on the planet.  Google rarely unsuspends a company.  You’ll have a better chance of hitting the lottery (odds: 175-million to 1) than getting unsuspended.


Right now, my clients include a general contractor/home improvement company, a finance/loan company, a car dealer, an immigration attorney, and a family law attorney (plus the above-mentioned computer software company). I can not accept work from competing companies in those categories.

I charge only $35 an hour ($50 if I have to work at YOUR L.A.-area location), and I’ll work a minimum of 4 hours a WEEK. Once I get your ads optimized, it will NEVER be more than 4 hours a week.


I have a better grasp on reality than a lot of others who do the exact same thing. YOUR goal in business is to make money. I’m very respectful of that — and $35 an hour is a fair price. Yes, I could charge more, but I won’t, for the foreseeable future. That MAY have to change, but right now, I’d rather be the best bargain you’ve ever had.

If you think it’s worth just $140 a week to make your phone RING, then we should talk.  Email me at TheWizardOfAdz@gmail.com

Thank you for your time!